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"Frances and I have been attending Music Together® since she was about 5 months old. I cannot say enough about these classes! I don't carry a tune very well, but doing these classes and having all these new songs each semester really encouraged me to sing to her! All the time! Honestly, without Music Together, I really don't think I would be singing this much! Frances loves my singing ���� And Frances...she LOVES to sing, too! She now teaches her songs to other family members and makes up her own songs, too. She can also hear the different instruments. While listening to some Cajun music Saturday morning, Frances said "that's PawPaw Major"! (PawPaw plays the accordion")! Listening to another tune with maracas the other day Frances said, "that's egg shakers like in music"! I'm so grateful to Melissa Stelly Stevenson for going with her gut and bringing The Music Garden to life!!!! If you have not yet been to this sweet little spot, go check it out!"

-Alyson (Frances mom)


"Enjoyed  all of it!  As a Grandparent it was a SUPER experience!"

"Wonderful to see my child develop appreciation for music."

 "We have a lot of fun especially during instrument time!  He learns to share, interact with others, and best of all he learns to like music!  We love this class!"

"My experience was amazing.  Having done other music programs with my older children, I was very impressed at how much musical growth this instilled in my children.  The materials are excellent!"